Super small cheap projector for Raspberry Pi

I have just purchased an APEMAN mini projector as a display for a Raspberry Pi accessing content from a Rachel server. It was only £69.99. It works perfectly. Super display solution for small group learning - after school learning clubs etc.


Please contact me I need some advice

We have all but given up on projectors and now we are trialing a 36" tv

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Hi Giakonda,

what is the reason for giving up on projectors? Looking at a Rachel server accessed via a tablet connected via hdmi to a projector for ‘whole/part’ class teaching.

Hi @TrevorG
Most of our schools don’t have windows or a means to blackout the teaching area and we have found that the projectors we can afford don’t really display well in daylight. TVs seem to be better in our situations. If a really good projector was available at a reasonable cost we would consider it again.
Also the schools are used by the community for such events as the Africa Cup of Nations


D8S connectivity
Our experience with the D8S battery powered Android wiFi projector is good, especially for workshops with intermittant power - the Unit runs for about 90 Min on its own and connect to Rachel via wiFi. You can also display your tablet directly via Eshare. There is enough light for a semi-dark room. It does not work in full daylight rooms. Cost is around 360 USD.
It runs on 15VDC - so we have connected it to 12V solar battery with a DC-DC Converter (50W) for charging. The converter you you can also get cheaply from the vendors.
D8S Smartview projector Android 6

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I have tried lots of projectors but still think a wide screen TV is the way to go. I acknowledge this will require more solar power but this is not an insurmountable problem these days.

I hope this is not an advert in disguise!