Synchronizing Multiple Rachels

Planning for an upcoming project and looking for assistance on Synchronizing Multiple Rachels which would be used in 1 classroom or with a large group of students.

Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks!

@RobertaT - this isnt something that is well supported at the current time. Kolibri on RACHEL has some evolving tools for syncing Kolibri across RACHELs, but we haven’t tested it.

If you need a more powerful RACHEL, we can build one, though it wouldn’t be battery-powered. You can also add a router to RACHEL to increase WiFi capacity.

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Hi Jeremy, Thanks for this info. I will convey this to our IT people and get back to you if we have more questions.

Do you know there are some apps that are too big to run on the RACHEL? If so, is there a specific ‘size’ maximum?

Thanks, Roberta

There really aren’t any ‘size’ limitations. The apps must just be “portable” or able to run without internet access - which is fairly rare in today’s world.

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Thanks for this info about apps!


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