Test - Rachel Static on $5-$10 Zoomgo device

I am testing the Rachel 64GB USB image extracted to a micro SD card on a device called the ZoomGo. I just purchased a second unit used for $5. I see others listed for as little as $7 NEW including shipping on Ebay.

Very inexpensive.
Powered by 12v or 5V input.
Small and rugged
Low power

Only support 4 users!
Only supports Static HTML. - Still testing to see what else could work.

EDIT: The device can connect to a WiFi access point via WiFi and it seems to work well in that type of setup. I don’t know if that will expand the number of users that can access the device although I suspect it will. The experience thus far has been great. My biggest concern would be security on this device. I don’t have a good answer for that other then updating the firmware with something custom although it runs a variant of openwrt so likely possible if there was an interest.

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Hii any sucess on this ???

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Well I guess this response is a bit late. It worked on the device fine and would probably be alright for small groups… I would only recommend it if you already had one or found it cheap. Perhaps it’s also a decent option due to limited supply of Raspberry PIs. A great new option night be the PI Zero W 2 if you can get one. The Zero W 2 is almost as powerful as the PI 3 but is cheaper and extremely energy efficient.

I tried it on a Pi zero 2 w but it didn’t work. It might be me of course!