Text Books on Rachel Plus

I am with Tacoma Sunrise Rotary Club. In the last year we have taken Rachel Plus units to Botswana and Namibia. In Botswana, the Ministry has a plan to increase on line learning. When we were there in March 2019, we found they have installed 50 tablets and keyboards, along with a lockable self charging storage device in 80 schools. The tablets had been at the schools for six months and remained unopened. Also, the tablets had no content on them. We found the internet to be very slow and unreliable.

We also heard there is a shortage of text books. If the Botswana Ministry of Education paid for any licensing fees or monthly fees, could the text books be loaded on the Rachel Plus. It seems to me that this may be a less expensive way to get text book information to students.

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Hello! Yes, the textbooks could absolutely be loaded onto a RACHEL device!

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Hi Jeremy,
I found out that text books are not currently available in digital format in Botswana. They are in the process of revising their curriculum and text books. They expect to have that completed in late 2020 or in 2021. Once they complete the revision, the text books will be both in
digital format and print format… The IT Director for Botswana is excited on the prospect of putting their text books on the Rachel Plus. Is it possible for the additional content including text books be loaded by the IT Dept. in Botswana or does that need to be loaded by your people in Los Angeles?

Hi Dan - it is very easy to load textbooks localy in Botswana, similar to uploading a file to dropbox or attaching a file to an email.

If you only want text books have you looked at Calibre?