The Tanzania's Ministry of Education in need of your collaboration

A big Hello to Rachel Friends in Tanzania!

On the third week of June 2018, I was among the lucky invitees to join the three days young Tanzanian innovation exhibition event hosted at the University of Dodoma by the Ministry of Education under the ESPJ - World Bank Funded program in partnership with private sector (charity organisation) projeKt Inspire .

The take away from the ESPJ ( Tanzania Education and Skills for Productive Jobs) representatives:

  • Most schools and learning institutions are not equipped with 21st century quality learning resources and educational resources to enhance development of creativity and innovative ideas. Rachel stands out as a resource for schools and institution regardless of their location.

  • The Ministry is looking for public and private partnership (PPP) to implement ESPJ program that will end on 2021.Learn more on the ESPJ here

  • Mnistry of education under ESPJ program is ready to fund projects that will promote creativity and innovation under STEAM in the grassroot. Example: Projekt Inspire projects and boot camps are funded under ESPJ

  • Levels of innovation that will be considered are from pre-innovation, to innovation to post innovation. That means from ideas to marketing the ready to use products.

  • The ministry will host innovation/ creativity competition (not sure when???) to select 70 best innovation ideas and creativity to represent the nation The competition is open to in-school youth, drop-outs, Vocational colleges, local government( public primary and secondary schools)

Grab this opportunity to work along the government to promote creativity in the Tanzanian community.

I hope this information is useful to you.

All the best in your endeavors!




My name is Jiyoung Rhee founder of e3empower africa. We have been providing Rachel Plus to several organizations in Arusha and Same area.
Thank you for sharing this posting.

Our major work is to provide STEM education to secondary schools. We have delivered short courses like Robotics Coding, Scratch, app inventor and arduino to more than 15 schools and 2500 students.

Last month i was invited to ICT summit at IAA ( Inst of Accountancy in Arusha) and shared STEM and Rachel as digital Library. ii will be speaking at Nelson Mandela AIST next week.
Please advise me for ways to collaborate with ministry of education in TZ for STEM education.
Look up for ‘e3empower africa’’ on facebook too!!


Hi John Young Rhee,

Thank you for your inquiry and the great work your doing. The work that you do is exactly what the government is looking forward to see happening in schools.

What can you do now?

Every year the ministry host the innovation camp and boot camp in June and December. The aim is to show creativity that young boys and girls in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar primary/ secondary school/ colleges.

You can prepare groups in your school to bring out creativity in apps creation that can be used to solve certain problem in their society, using RACHEL as an information resource and then send the groups to innovation and boot camps.

Another way, you can bring about an idea that you want to pursue in public schools in Tanzania. It can be an innovative incubator with a clear mission and activities that you want it to do. For example: Students learning how to repair solar devices, how to install solar system in homes, students fixing broken Computers/phone etc .Then write a proposal and send it to the ministry.

Best Wishes,


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thank you for your reply.
please send me your email address where i can share our lessons and impacts that we are trying to make.
last month of June, we have conducted 7 STEM BOOT Camp (8- 5 - all day for 5 days) at various centers. Students learned Robot coding - Race bot, Line tracing bot, Scratch (make 2-3 animated games), App inventor (create 2-3 diff mobile apps), and Arduino (they created home security system, etc).
The students without any programming background, have learned block coding easily and were able to complete hands-on projects every time. we were featured in newspaper and Radio on Arusha region, SAME region and Mwanza. we have about 10 local staffs who teaches in Swahili; 6 teaching staffs, 2 admin and 2 marketing staffs now.

so happy doing this!! keep in touch. my number 0687 228 396
i will be found on whatsapp. i will be speaking in Nelson Mandela week on July 18th. thanks


Great work E3empower. Do you have students that you have trained and now have started start ups business using the trainings and learning resources from Rachel?

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No not yet
They are in secondary schools

But some of form 4 students are teaching younger ones in their own school


We have a school that they use rachel for physic class or biology class as well as ict class

I have conducted headmasters training in arusha
All 30 HEadmaster from arusha municiile school district came
… last December 2017


Call for Innovation hub funding at the Costech deadline January and June each year.

Grab the opportubity to work with the government of Tanzania to bring innovation at local level

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