Trouble uploading zip module using Settings > Module Upload

I am trying to upload a module using the Settings > Module Upload utility. I have a zip file named Inside this file is one folder named en-wassce_exams. Inside this folder are the following files:

When I upload the zip file using the Module Upload utility I get the following error message:

I was able to upload this module successfully using FileZilla, so I know the module works. We’re using a RACHEL-Plus 3.0 with installer 3.0.2.

Hi @gary.friesen - The module upload utility is only available on RACHEL 3.1.2+ The error you are seeing is due to running a newer user interface that shows it on an older device. This utility should not be available or show on 3.0.2. Did you copy hard drive files over manually from another device?

( The files , < 20MB , in the link above may be useful to the users of the module.

Are the PDF files in the module OER books or past examination questions? )