Truncated home page

I’ve been updating all of the modules on our Rachel box before returning to TZ on the weekend.

Unexpectedly (and I’m not sure when it happened) the home page has become truncated and the presentation of modules stops after showing the KA Lite Essentials entry. The listing appears alphabetic and it is incomplete … nothing after “K”. 13 modules are presented, and yet my install shows dozens of modules.

I’ve tried refreshing and power cycling without a change in what is presented to me from the home page.

Is there a way to refresh the home page to include all modules?


. . . . . Ken

Hi Ken, can you confirm the modules did not get “hidden” in the admin section. It can happen when updating modules that some get hidden. I’m not sure why, it seems to be a bug.

Nope! I successfully did a “Hide all” and they all disappeared, and then I did a “Show all” and I’m back to the truncated list. Only 13 modules showing.

If you select only a different set of 13 modules only, do you get different modules that show up?

Basically, can you always see 13 modules but are limited to 13 total regardless of which actual module?

Alternatively, of the 13 you can see now, if you show just a few of those does that work?

On the hardware tab, can you send me a screen shot of how full your device is?

Great diagnostic suggestions, Jeremy, as your steps helped me narrow it down!

First you proved I could deselect all and then select more than 13 modules starting from the bottom of the list, so it wasn’t a number of modules issue.

It turns out the 14th module from the top was preventing the remainder of the modules in the list from being shown: en-kolibri-index

In order to give the educators the complete set of modules, I simply selected every module in the list. You told me that Kolibri wasn’t going to work, but I didn’t realize there was a small “Kolibri index” module, and my guess is that it is abending when there is no Kolibri installed.

I think the box is ready now to go back to Tanzania on Sunday.

Thanks for taking the time to help!

. . . . . . Ken

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