Ubuntu installed on Pi5, using RACHEL linux desktop installation

Afternoon James,

Have Ubuntu latested version installed on an another Pi5 8gig of ram model. The OS runs great on this Pi5. Have followed the installation instructions. Was able the run the sudo bash rachel and run the system update. Pi5 is connected via ethernet. After rebooting and going back in to select “2. Install RACHEL” I am presented with this result. The system did an update via ethernet following the first step so not sure why it is now saying “No wired network interfaces found”. Please let me know if you have a solution. Thanks

Here is a screenshot from my router (advanced LAN settings).

Enabled wifi and unplugged ethernet, still no success. Comes up with same installation error. “No wired network…”

Wierd thing is, when you say ok and it returns to the terminal it says it found eth0, lo and wlan0.

Here is the other result if I try to install using python3 installer.py command…

Hoping this might give you another clue as to the problem with the code.