Uganda primary school curriculum

Our community based primary school with 875 students in a refugee settlement in Uganda has been experimenting with RACHEL since 2017. My organization has provided most of the financial support, including RACHEL software, to the school since 2011. Do any RACHEL users in Uganda have access to the governments primary school curriculum?

Our not for profit organization is located in Portland, Maine USA

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Welcome @CharlieSFR – a quick search of “Uganda” may also help find some people:

Hello Charlie,
I have created some modules for Uganda Primary Curriculum from Primary one to seven and some Educative materials. Please feel free to email me to share the modules with you.


The National Curriculum Development Center of Uganda has a .pdf file for downloading called “Learning Framework for Early Childhood Development”. It is for children 3-6 years old. I
can send you a copy if you’d like.
Last year The Center seemed to have a curriculum guide for other ages for sale “soon”.


Thank you for the reply and information. I will check out the pdf file and relay information to our head teacher. The school has three levels of nursery and seven primary grades with 90 learners in each. We recently electrified the campus, and the school has 12 lap tops and a projector. However, no text books! I look foward to a continuing dialogue.

I will send you an email requesting information.

That is the curriculum guide used by the nursery teachers.

Thanks for the reference

Hello there! I work with Learning Equality, the organization that develops Kolibri which is available on the RACHEL device. NCDC has reviewed the materials available on the national level server in Uganda made available via NITA-U. You can explore this online instance of Kolibri here: From there, you can explore the materials that are relevant for you, and import the ones with appropriate licensing onto the RACHEL device. Hope that helps!

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Thank you for the introduction and link. Looks like a good start. I look forward to learning about the expansion of your ideas.