Unable to add or delete file

I wanted to create modules but don’t have a privilege to do so. I use WinSCP to access the RACHEL web server with this username and password( pi and rachel). But when I tried to add modules or make changes, received this error message.

Is there any configuration I need to do or any username and password that have such privilege to make changes?


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You will have to transfer to /var/tmp and then move the folder over ssh with putty due to permissions on /var/www/modules. The copy command would be “sudo cp -R modulename /var/www/modules/”. You will also probably have to set the ownership on that folder afterwards with “sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/modules/modulename”.


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Seems like I got that message a year or so ago & all I had to do was upgrade to a more recent version of WinSCP. I could be mistaken though so it’s good that you have James’s solution.

I tried upgrading WinSCP but had no luck. I also tried setting sudo su under edit->advanced->shell->sudo su but got the same error. If you have any other suggestions to try that’d be great because these extra steps slow things down quite a bit when I’m making changes to files.

I found 2 things on the Internet, but not sure if they’ll help.
First one just says to make sure you’re signing into the server as root, so probably a little too obvious to be much help.
Here’s the other thing I found on the WinSCP site, but frankly I have no faith in this solution. I’m guessing it’s for an older version of WinSCP as my version doesn’t have the option where he states it is. I found it under tools > preferences & frankly, I have “transfer resuming” checked, but I thought I would send you what I found just in case it does help.

Permission denied - Error code 3

2007-09-28 01:46

Just follow each step and you will get it fixed:

  1. Open WinSCP
  2. Bottom-left --> put a check on Advanced options
  3. Bottom of white window (Just above Advanced options) --> Left click on Preferences
  4. Now move to your right in line 2/3 of the way --> Left click on the Preferences “Radio-type” Button
  5. Now in the “Confirmations” box, 4th item from the top, Transfer resuming remove the ‘check-mark’
  6. Left-click on the OK Button -----> You’re done !

My only other thought is the nightmare of all security personnel. Go to the directory & type “chmod 777 *”

Good Luck!

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Thanks. I’ll try the second solution, I see that option under “tools” on the bottom left side so I’ll see how it goes.

Update: it’s definitely the permissions in my case.

Which RACHEL version do you use? For Rachel+ 3.0 the username & password are not pi and rachel.

This is on RACHEL-Pi for me. It could be different on the RACHEL-Plus.

An update to this. I found the solution for the pi at least.

First select the site you’re connecting to and click edit


Next change the file protocol to “SCP”


Next click the advanced button


Then select “SCP/Shell” on the left and on the right under the “Shell” drop down select Sudo Su


Click okay and then save. You should then be able to transfer files and folders directly to /var/www/modules on the RACHEL-Pi.

Keep in mind that you may still want to do “sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/modules” afterwards to make sure the files you transferred are owned by the www-data user.