Update Firmware on RACHEL-Plus 2.0 (WAPD-235N Model)

  1. verify that you are using the 2.0 device – on the back it will have a label with the model number: WAPD-235N

  2. assuming you’ve got the 2.0 hardware, download the recovery image here:


  1. next you’ll need to unzip it and write it to a USB with something like win32diskimager:


  1. shut down your RACHEL-Plus completely, insert the USB, restart

  2. Wait at least 8 minutes until the lights on top are lit solid (depending on the speed of your USB stick it could be much longer)

  3. power off, remove the USB, restart

  4. wait at least 5 minutes for the new software to load and restart itself

After that you should have an updated RACHEL-Plus with updated firmware and all your previous content remaining. Those are the two things I’d love to have you check – make sure the content is working as before (ka-lite, wikipedia, etc.) and make sure that you did get the new version (look in the admin page under “version” and you should see “RACHEL Installer v2.1.3”. Or you can log into intel’s “Device Administrator” and look for “Firmware Version: 2.2.15-rooted”.

@Jeremy, is there another link for the DL of the zip for the firmware. I get a cant connect page when I try to go to it. ’

NM, @Jeremy. I went to the other model and then went to the root of the FTP and got the one I needed here for the Model WAPD-235n http://rachelfriends.org/downloads/public_ftp/other/

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Thanks @Garciaj015 – I updated the link in the original post, great catch.