Update on Kolibri


We updated Kolibri to 0.10 and it stalled at 87% and the later the Rachel Plus lost it connectivity to the wifi and LAN, what could be the issue?

When you say ‘lost connectivity to the wifi and LAN’, what were the symptoms? What methods were used to determine both were lost? Did they come back or are you unable to connect to the unit still?

Hi Steve,
Sorry was out of reach due to some personal issues but am back now.

When i said i lost connectivity, i meant that after upgrading the Kolibri on rachel plus, the connectivity got lost that is no Wi-Fi signals transmitted and when i connect the LAN cable still no connection available though the device is turning on.
The method that determined both were lost was comparing to the second unit which by when i turn it on, the Wi-Fi signal lights are working but the first device not. Secondly when i insert the LAN cable on second unit, it’s working perfectly but the first one nothing is showing.


Hi Maina,

Thanks for the info. How did you upgrade Kolibri? Through the Kolibri app or Rachel Module install from OER2GO? Also, please confirm the second one that is working, you haven’t upgraded with Kolibri, correct?

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Hi Steve,
Hope you all had a good year 2018 and wishing you a prosperous one in 2019.
Answering your question, i upgraded the Kolibri through the Rachel Module install. The second one is working since i didn’t attempt to upgrade it.

OK. I understand now. I am looking into this now and will get back with you asap.

Hi Maina,

Ome kolibri module upgrades include a few OS/environmental changes. I have replicated the issue and am working on resolution. Meanwhile, I am backing out some kolibri upgrades that are resulting in the reported issue. Note, there is nothing wrong with the kolibri or rachel software, but an incompatibility between the customization of the modules which enable kolibri to work within the rachel environment.

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