Use of LMS - Moodle or other

Hello -

I am looking for information on using LMS on Rachel. I have heard the Moodle comes with the Rachel. Where can I find more information on these aspects?

Thanks for any assistance.


Hi @RobertaT - yes, the new RACHEL comes with Moodle and Kolibri. What more information could we provide?

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Thanks for this, Jeremy.

Is there an example of a Kolibri LMS I can look at?

I am meeting with some IT people later today for this project and will get back to you with any more requests for info.

Thanks very much! I will check it out!

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Hi Jeremy,

I have had a look at this super demo link!

I have a couple of other questions which may seem quite simple or obvious.

  • Can Kolibri modules be connected into Moodle on Rachel?

  • Are the Kolibri modules outside of Rachel through wifi? (I assume they are from what I gather from the LE website).

Thanks so much, Roberta

Hi @RobertaT – the Kolibri modules can be linked as part of Moodle classes.

The Kolibri modules are part of RACHEL. Kolibri is in RACHEL.

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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your helpful reply as we try to build a curriculum for use with Rachel in Cambodia. Have a good day!