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We are considering using the Rachel Plus in a refugee camp in Rwanda. We do not have access to computers, i.e. laptops, desktops, etc. Most users would be using their smartphones. What percentage of the content is still accessible using a smartphone? Thank you

@gingkopucci – all of the content would be accessible over a smartphone, but most of the content itself is not “optimized” for smartphone use. This means the content is still usable, but the user may have to zoom in or out manually to see the full page.

@gingkopucci. You can preview the content with your smartphone at this link:
RACHEL-Plus Preview

You may need to install free Adobe pdf readers to download and read many books and documents. This has the advantage enabling smartphones user to take and keep the books to readin another location at another time. Downloads are quick and free. Textbooks can be used by teachers.

I just tested Khan Academy. Videos and even exercises work on my smartphone. If you want to see a RACHEL-Plus in Rwanda, we can give you a list of installations.

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Thanks for your quick reply.

Thank you, I did do some testing of the online preview content previously and was able to access a lot but I still have more to test due to all the great content. That is a good idea to install the Adobe PDF Reader. Thanks also for testing Khan Academy.

I would like to see a RACHEL-Plus in Rwanda. Please let me know the installations.

Thank you so much.

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I have also found VLC for Android useful. In addition, I also download a flashplayer, PLUS the Microsoft Office components Word, Excel, & PowerPoint. The Microsoft products are not necessary for RACHEL but if you use the GCF Learn Free technology training you’ll be glad you have them. With all of this loaded I’ve been able to run every module except 1 Spanish app. I’m pretty impressed with the 7" RCA Voyager tablet with a full keyboard. It costs $50 from Walmart, but you can’t order more than 12 every couple of months. We’re taking 140 of them to Ghana plus we have 30 in the Dominican Republic.


Thank you very, very much for your reports on low-cost hardware. Please keep us up to date in this forum on how these tablets hold up in the field and how students are able to work with the 7” screen.

I tested 40 Kio Tablets from BRCK in South Sudan, but I was only there for two weeks of testing and there are problems with recharging. The screens did not seem to be a problem, but most of the testing was just Khan Academy videos and exercises.

Consider remedial classes outside of the normal schedule which often does not allow enough time to set up and use Khan Academy. Consider also taking a document camera to use with a laptop and a projector.

The simple browser included with Android was faster for us than other browsers.

You should consider installing some of the free Android Khan Academy Math apps from Google Play so students and teachers can work outside of the range of you RACHEL-Plus server.
Best wishes, Ed

The best place to call and visit is the Science Secondary School in Byimana

If it is too far for you, they may be able to recommend a closer school.

Bonface Masaviru, Country Manager for World Possible Kenya will be demonstrating the RACHEL-Plus in Kigali at eLearning Africa 2018, Sept. 26-28.
Best wishes, Ed