Using Rachel-Pi as the computer/client

The Rachel-Pi which just arrived will be the only computer in it’s new home. The homepage at showed up in the built-in browser on the Raspberry Pi. Some of the content, however, causes the browser to crash or requires a plugin that is not present.
Are there any resources available for the case where the Rachel-Pi is the server and the computer? Documentation about what works, doesn’t work and how to make things work would be great. I did look and have found little focused on this use case. Please post a link if possible. Any guidance is welcome.

From Rich Segal of Powering Potential CC: @JaniceLathen

I know we spoke awhile ago about getting a copy of our latest desktop image for some demos. I just uploaded a new version of our desktop image to our development server. It is based on Raspbian 2016-11-25 which was the latest Raspbian when I created it. Looks like they released a new version of Raspbian yesterday :slight_smile: The image has the latest version of KA-Lite (0.16.9) and most of the English RACHEL modules that run properly on the Pi. Now that the Pi has a proper flash player and a much better browser, the only items that don’t run are modules that use Java Web Start. You can download the latest image from:	

The password for the pi user is keyLime.

Thanks. Does that mean I should re-install onto the Rachel-Pi that just arrived in the mail? Flash (despite its issues) seems to be what my configuration is lacking. Any other heads-up notes for using the Rachel-Pi as its own client?

You may want to install on a different 64gb sd card. I’ve never tested RACHEL-Pi as a client, but Powering Potential uses them that way throughout Tanzania. Hopefully Janice chimes in.

Thanks. This seems to be a major use case for Rachel-Pi considering the poor places they are being deployed. Expecting this or another Raspberry-Pi to be THE computer(s) available is not a far fetched scenario.