"Var" folders in the module zips

Sorry if this has been asked before, but when I unzip the modules I have downloaded, I find a “var” directory in each zip file. So, for example, in es-ap-didact.zip, there is an es-ap-didact directory with presumably with all the module components, but also there is a “var/modules/es-ap-didact” path that also seems to have the same set of modules. Some zips only have the var directory.
Any idea of why there are these two apparent copies of the modules in most zips?

Hi @ronsat - From what I understand, this is left over from Windows support in the past and some zips do have doubled content. I suggest you use the rsync command from the site or the Install tab to make sure you get the latest version of a module as well.

I believe this will be fixed soon.

So, are both versions the same - or is there one that I should b using in preference to the other?

The var and non-var folder versions within the zips should be the exact same but I haven’t checked every module. These were made before I was with World Possible.

What I do know is that the versions on oer2go are outdated compared to the rsync server versions in some cases and may not always work. It’s something I hope to fix very soon.