Vedoque and Videos in English and French Pi versions

Hi, Just back from NW Guatemala where we provided RACHEL-Plus’s and laptops to 23 schools with Romeo. The thing I noticed was that kids quickly took to the Vedoque games and the educational videos - which then led to them to being guided to other resources.

So, back in Canada, and now the schools are closed for at least three weeks due to the virus. And I was thinking that a 128GB Pi version would be great for keeping kids (in our case, our grandchildren) occupied during this extended break. However, I see that the English and French images (the kids could handle either) do not have Vedoque nor the videos. Also, the English and French versions on the ftp site are nearly 4 years old. Any chance of an updated 128GB version of the English and French images being generated with Vedoque and Videos? Or is this something that I could put together myself?


Hi @ronsat,

Please use the /rachelpi_64EN/rachelpi_2019/rachel-pi_kolibri-04_19_2019.7z on the FTP. Once unzipped there will be an image inside that you can flash to a device. You can then navigate to the admin user interface’s install page and install any content modules you’d like.


Good Day my friend - thank you for sharing the exciting news about your succes in NW Guatemala. How wonderful - thank you for doing that.

We are supporting Sierra Leone with an application we developed with University of Maine. The application is designed to help Class 6 and Junior Secondary School 3 students prepare for national exams. We have deployed a few Interactive Instructional suites complete with projectors and generators but would be interested to hear how you deployed the 23 systems in GT. In particular did you provide laptops (if so what kind/specs) or did you use a Raspberry Pi type device?

Again, great job. I would like to hear more about it if you have time. Allen Morell ( )

Thanks KSSP-01.
We purchased 230 Chromebooks as follows:
Lenovo N22 80SF0001US 11.6inch Chromebook Intel
Celeron N3050 1.60 GHz, 4GB RAM, 16GB SSD Drive,
Chrome OS
They cost close to $150 each - and were acquired through the company that normally supplies laptops to World Possible’s Guatemala office.

The deployment included 4 training sessions that were taught by World Possible’s Guatemala staff. Each school had to send 4-5 teachers for training. We worked closely with the Rotary club of Barillas Guatemala. They organized the training sessions and handled the delivery of the equipment to the schools. Each school had to prepare a room for the computers.

This was the second year of the program. We set up 13 schools last year - and then visited 4 months later to see how the equipment was being used. Our group of visitors (9 Rotarians from Canada) were very pleased to see how the children had become very familiar with the equipment.

We used the 1TB RACHEL Plus equipment. It will be interesting to see if the RACHEL version for Raspberry Pi 4s, when it comes out, will be reliable and powerful enough to handle a small school.

Feel free to contact me directly - petert at rondeautechnology dot com