What modules do you recommend for a Facility

Content Modules

These are some the most popular. Your staff may see areas of interest for their class and may want to choose for their liking and student interest.

Boundless Textbooks - explore education interest

Algebra2Go - Prealgebra - Improve math skills.

FairShake Reentry Resource Center - Great information for transition skills - good for continued access when in the community.

College Credit Courses - Assess college before putting money down.

GCF LearnFree.org - general skill building.

Great Books of the World - improve reading and interest. Some facilities use in their classroom and also for book clubs.

KA Lite - KA Lite Essentials - good for self study and instructors use in thier lessons.

Music Theory - very popular for the creative minds. Youth facilities found that there was high use for this program.

Oregon Youth Authority - Six college courses enclosed in this link - this content helps students to prepare for testing out.

Saylor Academy Textbooks - great for college study and interest assessment. Great add on material for Inside Out classes - reading material.

TED Talks - Great for ideas and innovation. Very popular.

Math Expression - improve math skills - also helps instructors.