Wikipedia access on RachelPi - Kolibri

Hi All

I installed RachelPi in some hubs in Sierra Leone a few years ago and Wikipedia access went down really well with the locals who had smartphones.

I’ve just downloaded and flashed the latest RachelPi Kolibri image onto a Pi4B and it’s running fine, but I was expecting the download to be bigger and to include a chached version of Wikipedia. Do I need to download that seperately now, or am I missing something?

The download I used:
RACHEL-Pi Kolibri Image - rachel-pi_kolibri-09_26_2019.7z


Hi @mpdanny,

The RACHEL-Pi images only come with en-kolibri-index for Kolibri and en-file_share now so that people only have to download content they want and in the language they want. Wikipedia and other content can be installed from the admin interface’s install page. There should be a PDF tutorial included with the image that goes through the process. Hope that helps.


Got it- thanks. It all worked perfectly, except I ran out of space in the SD card because the Pi didn’t seem to like my 128GB M2 SSD on a USB3 adaptor, so I need to check that out when it’s not headless. I’ve got a 128GB USB3 drive on the way so I’ll do more testing once that has arrived.


No problem. You’re probably having issues with USB because the Pi4B doesn’t have USB booting yet so for now you might have to stick with a MicroSD card. It’s on the list of things they’re working on for the next release of Raspbian I think.

I have an experimental RACHEL-Pi image I’m going to upload some time this week with features for people to try out and one of them is USB module loading. With that you would be able to boot from SD and use a USB drive for larger modules. If it works for everyone then I’ll look at integrating it into the regular images.


Ah, USB module loading sounds great.

Hopefully. I haven’t put it up for testing yet because I’ve had a lot of issues with Raspbian Buster.

Hi mpdanny - Bob Rollins here with USACF’s “Bridge Project” (US-Africa Children’s Fellowship)We have projects bringing OER content to schools in Zim, SA, and Ghana. We have new contacts in Sierra Leone who are interested in bringing digital libraries to schools there. Would love to hear more about what you have going in SL presently. If you would like go ahead and contact me on WhatsApp at 15109198968 Thanks


Do you have any feedback from schools/users etc on what OER content they find the most useful? I am trying to take out to Ghana a Rachel server on a Pi with selected OER and Kolibri content that is the most useful in a primary school context (and recognising that additional modules/apps can always be downloaded later). Where about are your schools/contacts in Ghana?