Wireless Network Topology

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I am planning to implement Rachel in my country as a trial and came up with the network topology. Will this network topology performs fine or should I need to review again.


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Hello Peter,

If you use “RACHEL-Plus” (which you have pictured), RACHEL-Plus contains both a Power Bank internally and an Access Point internally, so you do not need those items as well.



Thank you for the clarification, suppose I replace RACHEL-PLus with Raspebrry Pi 3 Model B or B+, is it possible to still use access point? Since I discovered from some of the forums that adding access point will reduce the load from RACHEL server as well as increase accessed users.

Yes, if you use the raspberry pi you will want to add the access point and battery back up to your infrastructure as designed.

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Really appreciate your response, thank you so much.

You don’t need an access point with a Pi it is an access point!
With your solar panels ( I use 350 watt x2) you will need a solar controller (I use 40A) a battery (I use 220Ah x2 )and a 12 to 5volt converter. If you are careful with your setup you won’t need the power bank. This will give you enough power to keep the pi running constantly day and night, led lighting and charging laptops.
Have a look at this


The new model 4 Pi with 4Gb ram is much faster than the 3B+
I am running the Pi4 with 10 laptops with no worries.


Thank you so much for the clarification and detail explanation about the devices for my model.