Workshop to build portable, solar-powered digital libraries, with RACHEL content and browser based navigation

We will be presenting at the Connected Learning Conference at U.C. Irvine on October 3, 2019. Workshop attendees will assemble “Bridge Pi” devices - based on Raspberry Pi’s - from low-cost components.
We have developed a Wordpress based interface “layered over” the RACHEL content and we’ve added hundreds of resources from the South African Ministry of Education. Have a look at the prototype we have online. We are freely sharing this “build” and welcome your interest, suggestions, feedback, etc.


Have you put the ‘hundreds of resources from the South African Ministry of Education’ on so they are available for other installations?

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No, I have not yet put the South African resources on OER2Go. I am still learning which resources actually are of value. For one thing many publications for the lower grades are in all 11 official SA languages so there are so many documents! The big books series alone is 24 titles x 11 languages (!)Have a look. After seeing our pilot projects next month I’ll get started posting the materials on OER2Go. In the mean time if anyone would like me to email 150+ PDFs, let me know. and

Hi Bob - lets have a chat, we could put them on Internet Archive as well, happy to figure out some process to get them batch uploaded in particular given they are in multiple languages. (Reach me at )

Note that we once uploaded we could also (if it was useful) auto-download any subset onto Rachel from the archive using the dweb-mirror server which works on Rachel.

We have been setting up solar systems in rural schools in southern Zambia for some time. We have only just considered a digital hub because of the cost of solar panels and batteries. Our latest school Bbakasa in Southern Province will have 5 Raspberry Pis (The model 4), 4 350Watt solar panels and 4 220Ah batteries, RACHEL and Kolibri on a Pi server. All the Pis are model 4. We will also use a large screen 12/24volt TV and 2 Laptops. So far our test setup in Europe is working well. We hope to raise £5000 to do this in February next year. Any advice would be welcome.

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Thank you for your post. I’m very glad to learn about your organization and see the good work.
Very glad to be connected and hope to compare notes and collaborate. Will email you using the address on your website.

I forgot to mention, when we asked schools what they thought was good about the projects almost all of them mentioned improved security because of the led lighting strips. I hadn’t realised how important this was for rural schools. I was also impressed with how many of the schools used the led lighting to provide evening classes for the local community.

i love the way you arrange all the things… its too good and informative.

Great work and congratulations. Thank you for sharing.

Great news, the Carmela and Ronnie Pignatelli Foundation has given us £2500 to provide schools in Southern Province Zambia with Raspberry Pi RACHEL servers. This will allow us to buy approximately 20 of them!