World possible chapter in png


RACHEL PI used in one of the rural schools in Papua New Guinea. Attached is comment found on Facbook comment ( ) .

We have also developed our PNG module and working hard with Department of Education to include the PNG curriculum into RACHEL. Nicole, I hope you a back to work, please kindly update me on our grant proposal.

God bless your all.


Sorry for the delay, Laso, and thanks for all of your impressive working bringing RACHEL to PNG! Unfortunately our initial grant proposal to open a new World Possible chapter in Papua New Guinea was not accepted. I am continuing to look for other sources of funding, but it may take awhile. If anyone here knows of foundations or donors who might be interested in helping to launch a new chapter and fund Laso, our long-time volunteer and entrepreneur, to bring RACHEL to schools across Papua New Guinea, please contact us!



Thank you for your reply. In PNG were are truly and surely working hard to bring RACHEL to rural schools. I have registered a non-profit organisation known as ‘Mana Nasingi Foundation Inc.’. Though the Foundation, I am tirelessly working hard to bring RACHEL to many schools. Below is the Foundation logo;
MNF logo1S

Over the past four months, I have had some constructive meetings with some political leaders who are interested in RACHEL Plus and wants to install RACHEL in schools at their respective districts and provinces.
At the moment, I ran out of RACHEL Plus units so once I find some additional money, I will place an order for at least 3x RACHEL Plus units. I am not sure what price, I will buy but @jeremy can clarify on this please.

Thank you and God Bless.

Laso Mana
Director - Mana Nasingi Foundation