World Possible Social Entrepreneur Program

Our social entrepreneur program is for local individuals in a country, folks who were born and raised in their communities and have little to no outside contact with potential funds and such here in the U.S.

We don’t accept applications be a social entrepreneur. We identify them based on their independent work deploying RACHEL in their own communities and sharing feedback with us. Most individuals we support deploy RACHEL as part of their other job responsibilities with another organization, but find themselves passionate about RACHEL and doing more volunteer work on their own with the technology.

As we at World Possible get to know those people, we begin to support them with things like hardware.

Much more is here:

That doesn’t mean we aren’t happy to support people like the professor you mention, we just wouldn’t do it with free hardware or financial support. We’ll mostly be providing them technical support through the forums, guidance through the forums, and the ability to purchase hardware through our store (