Zambian Exam Preparation


I will be deploying a Rachel+ in Zambia in August. Is there content involving the Zambian Secondary School exams? I saw that there was something for Tanzania.


Hi @AJStewart – nothing on Zambian to date, thanks for checking and let us know if you find something.

I would be interested in developing some exam prep for Zambian students, both Primary and Secondary. I have 7 units running as a trial in the Kasama, Zambia Primary School District and want to add more local content.

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did you alos check with Mwabu - former iSchool? It would be great to have their content on the AP.

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I don’t know who that is, can you make an intro for us?

Hi AJStuart sorry I missed your posts, I have the Zambian curriculum as a pdf which I will email to you. Our group work mostly in Southern Province so I visit Lusaka several time a year. maybe we could meet up.

thanks @giakonda – could we get a copy as well, I’d love to put something more formal together for Zambian RACHEL –

I am going to update the Pi I have going in my office with latest and test. I am using 128 Gb ram and loading some of the optional packages including all of the TED Talks. The teachers are using these as English learning tools; to listen to people talk and test comprehension.

I am planning to be in-country in August to do upgrades and training. I would like to connect with anyone working in Zambia and discuss how we can help each other.

Do you have my email and can it be shared with the others?


We do have a couple of great volunteers in Zambia also – @NicoleC

Is it possible to join together as a group? I could host a group using our G Suite if that is appropriate.

Our Website is for an idea of what we are trying to do.


@Peter_Nyumbu, one of our volunteers from Zambia, is on here–he would be great to connect with. You can also reply to his post over here in the new country section for Zambia: RACHEL activities in Zambia.

Hi Ed
My wife and I have been working in Sothern Province for 4 years. We have been providing Solar Power, Laptops and Projector to schools there.
You can contact us on The Zambian curriculum is also on our web site
Kind Regards