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  • Please use the 3B+ image for 3B devices.

  • This image includes support for Kiwix 3.1.2 modules. These modules are named with β€œ_2021”. Older Wikipedia modules are not compatible with this image. Please make sure to download and install the latest Kiwix modules that include β€œ_2021” in their name.

  • en-moodle, en-file_share, en-kolibri-index, en-ka-lite, and older Kiwix modules ( Wikipedia ) are not supported with this image when downloaded. en-file_share and en-kolibri-index are included with the images.

  • You can expect to get roughly 8 users connected by default without a separate wifi router or USB wifi interface.

  • The current image is considered beta until enough time has passed without reported issues. Please report your experience so we can provide the best version possible.



If you need help, have bugs to report, or have suggestions please open a separate thread in the RACHEL-Pi section of the forums here

Older Downloads

Older images can be found on the World Possible FTP by connecting to dev.worldpossible.org with the user/pass β€œanonymous”. The images are in the other/old/ folder. Older images may contain bugs. It is always recommended to use the latest RACHEL-Pi image available.


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