Changing Static IP of RACHEL-Pi

Hello! My name is Emmanuel, from Nigeria. I have been using the RACHEL Pi for a while now and I am really loving it. However, I was hoping to find out if there was a way I could locally change the IP address into a static domain name so that it is more rememberable. Reason for this is that, I will be using the device as a tool for a group of people who do not have access to educational materials.

Please respond soon. Thanks

Hello @Emmanuel,

For the latest images of the RACHEL-Pi you can access it at two addresses. http://rachel.pi and http://www.rachel. You can change these in the /etc/dnsmasq.conf file as well with the two following lines.


Changing the static IP from requires changes across multiple files which is much more complicated.

Thanks, @jamesk . However, my question is really about how the IP address could be changed to text. Please help if you can. Cheese!

Changing the IP is not a simple change as the device is configured to use for the wifi hotspot, dhcp, dns, and internet forwarding. It is set in many places across the system. Changing those is the wrong way to assign an IP to the device.

The router or server you connect the RACHEL-Pi to should have DHCP which will automatically assign an IP address to the RACHEL-Pi. You should set the static IP on this router or server and not the PI. Then other devices can reach it at that static IP.

Is it possible to have the list of those files?

You will need to change the ip or ip range in


It should be a pretty straight forward replacement.