DC Input to Rachel vs "AC" powered

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Has anyone used a backup battery to “charge” or “power” Rachel Plus? Something that plugs directly into the Rachel and is not an AC or Solar source? If so, what type / spec is acceptable? We will not have AC power available (either 240 or 110 vac) when operating in the field. Thanks


This device works, but not too well because the plug doesn’t fit very snug. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0719GVTNX/ref=pe_2640190_232748420_TE_item

You could use any sort of power supply with an inverter though.

I recommend looking into a solar generator they are basically just large backup batteries with a built in inverter/DC out it’s a more expensive and heavier but it has more versatility. This is the tiny one and you can charge it with solar panels/wall outlet. They have DC out as well so you never have to use the inverter to save power.

100 Watt max (Sim Sine) Solar Generator - http://a.co/cuQUMi4 (US Plug’s Only)
200 Watt max - PureSine Solar Generator - http://a.co/cmhyAB5 (World Plug)

This panel below will charge it in about about 7 hours depending upon sun conditions.

Solar Panel - http://a.co/gdxGzXJ

Any 12V DC source with a 2 Amps Plug will work - i.e. a 12V Gel battery or a 12V LiFePo battery can support the Server when on the road. The batter capacity (size and weight) depends how long you will be in an Off Grid Environment. If you need a renewable power source it will help to use a 12V DC Solar Panel and a battery charging unit.

Good Day good friends. Thank you all so much for your thoughtful replies.

This device, “nowlight”, is designed primarily for lighting in locations with no power grid. The design is also usable for charging cell phones, etc. Here is the link:

The information on the nowlight states that the external power connector provides 5V 2A USB out. Will this be sufficient and compatible with Rachel Plus? Additionally, the “nowlight Kit” comes with a solar panel that outputs 3W (I do not not voltage of amps). Could this panel be plugges directly into the Rachel Plus connection and charge it efficiently / without hazard?

Your help in assessing the functionality of this system to charge Rachel Plus would be truly appreciated.

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Unfortunately no, you will need 12V/2A out. This kit would work: https://www.voltaicsystems.com/arc20w-kit

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It looks like a 3 W solar panel could put out 6 or 12 or 18 volts. Does it need to put out the 2 A in order to be plugged directly into the Rachel Plug power port? Without 2 A would it potentially cause damage or just a greatly reduced charging speed / extended charging time?

Thanks again - AM

I believe you would cause damage to the battery over time, charging at 12V/ 500mA or something along those lines, but I’m not an expert at all.

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As an addition, here’s something I bought of Alibaba.com that has been very reliable


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