Is it possible to change the operational language?

Hello Everyone,
We are trying to install Rachel in a village in Bali, Indonesia. We want to change the operational language from English to Indonesian, is that possible? Thank you.


Hi @Masiti_Imrona,

Some of the RACHEL interface is translated using translation files. RACHEL detects the browser language code of the user and then looks in the /.data/RACHEL/rachel/admin/lang folder for translation files. If the language code is “id” then the file would be named

I have used google translate ( may not be accurate ) to translate from English to Indonesian for you. This how to test the file

  1. Download

  2. Place this file in /.data/RACHEL/rachel/admin/lang/

  3. Change your browser language to Indonesian

This should show the changes. Hope that helps


Thank you very much, Sir :slight_smile: I will try.

Hi @Masiti_Imrona - I’m going to continue this here so it can benefit other users who have this problem in the future.

I know that the language code in Firefox is “id” for Indonesian. Can you check the “admin” interface and see if the language has changed there?

Admin Indonesian

It still didn’t works, Sir. I also changed some statis variables to check if anything changed or not, but nothing happen.

Hi @Masiti_Imrona,

If you are using Microsoft Edge can you please go to edge://settings/languages and make Indonesian the top language under preferred languages

Edge Settings

In Google Chrome You can do the same with chrome://settings/languages

Chrome Settings

Then browse to the RACHEL admin page again and press “CTRL + shift + R” to refresh the page. This will make sure you’re not reloading an old version.

Hope this helps,

I already changed all my browser language into Indonesian (firefox, edge, chrome) and also using another devices, but it still didn’t works. Is there any missed step?

Hi @Masiti_Imrona - Can you please tell me the RACHEL version and contentshell version from your “version” page?

If the original file is in /.data/RACHEL/rachel/admin/lang/ folder and the browser language is set, it should be working for the “admin” area. We may need to make some changes to get it detecting Indonesian for the main page of RACHEL.

Rachel Version 3.1.1
Content Shell v2.4.0

I really apreciate for your help and fast reply, Sir. Thank you very much.

Hi @Masiti_Imrona - It’s my pleasure! Sorry this is taking so long to figure out. Everything we have done so far should make this work. We may need to investigate a bit more.

Can you please right click on a page in firefox and click “Inspect”. Then, show me the output.

browser language

This will tell me which language is set on the page.

Thank you,

This is the screnshoot, Sir.

I have another issue, on the install page, there is a notification as it says “Internal Error”. I just realized some time ago when I was trying to upload a module. Is that normal? What does the notification mean and how do I resolve it?

or maybe there is an error when i access the folders in rachel. I tried changing some things in about.html just to check if there is any change or not, but nothing changes at all.

Hello @Masiti_Imrona - Internal error means that the connection to the World Possible server to get content is not working. This could be an issue with your internet connection. If you see this error, try refreshing the page. This will force it to reconnect and you should see a list of modules.

Can you show me the details of the failed download? It should usually show a module name but I don’t see one here.

I think you need to clear the browser’s cache if you are not seeing any changes after editing files, Usually “ctrl + shift + r” will do this, but you may have to go into the browser settings and clear them.

Thank you for the screenshot of the language issue. It’s showing that it detects English. I don’t recommend this, but can you try editing the lang.en.php file and translate a few words to Indonesian, then see if this changes when you refresh the page?


This is the detail details of the failed download.
install error

I change few words in lang.en.php file (I attached the screenshot few words I change and the result) and still doesn’t works, Sir. I already clear the cache, but doesn’t show any change.


Hi @Masiti_Imrona - First can you try manually changing some words in /.data/RACHEL/rachel/index.php. I want to be sure that this will change.

1.Transfer /.data/RACHEL/rachel/index.php to your desktop

  1. Open the file with a text editor

  2. Change the following line

    <title>RACHEL - <?php echo $lang['home'] ?></title>
    <title>RACHEL - Rumah</title>

  3. Save the file

  4. Transfer the file back to the device, overwriting the original index.php file

  5. Refresh the home page of RACHEL and it should show “RACHEL - Rumah”

Please let me know if this works. If this doesn’t work, we know there is another issue. If it does work, we may have to manually edit each file instead of using the file. I don’t recommend this as it is hard to maintain, but it is the quickest solution for now while I look into the problem which will take much more time.


Oh my bad, I’m so sorry,I put and also edit file in the wrong folder. Not in /.data/RACHEL/rachel/admin/lang but in /root/rachel-script/files/rachel/admin/lang . I can’t find /.data folder before, only find lang folder in that path. Is it the folder that contains the backup files? I just realized my error and tried to find the /.data folder but I couldn’t find it until I wrote the path manually. Soo much thankyou and I’m so sorry about this.
I already place file in the right folder and it’s works!

@Masiti_Imrona - No need to apologize at all! I’m just happy it’s working for you :grinning:

The .data folder is technically a “hidden” folder. Sorry, I should have added this to the instructions so that is my mistake. If you hit the following keys together Ctrl + Alt + H this will hide/unhide hidden files and folders. You should then see it.

Please also let me know if the language change was working for you on the main page of RACHEL. It works for me in the admin interface, but not the main page, so I may still need to help you fix that.


Many thanks, all the information is very helpful for us.
As you mention, it doesn’t works in the main page. Only one word successfully translated (Rumah)
This is the screnshoot
main page

and we also want to translate in teacher and student page, there is no change in here

We wait for your next instructions,


Hi @Masiti - I’m just looking into why more words are not translated on the main page of RACHEL.

Unfortunately the local content software is not created by us and language support is not included. You can however edit the HTML files in this folder and translate any text


Please let me know if you have any issues editing with that. I will update you when I have a fix for the main page of RACHEL translations. I may need to provide you a manually translated index.php file but hopefully not. I will update you when I have the best fix.


I’m not sure I access the right directory, is this the right path? please check the red line

because there is no change after I edit and translate some words in index.html, delete.html, etc

Thankyou very much, Sir.