New content download failure - Need urgent help

Hi Everyone,

I am one of the Rachel Plus support person that helps RACHEL users in Papua New Guinea.

Just recently I did a version upgrade successfully. However, when I want to download modules its saying ‘waiting’ in green. I waited almost 6 hours but download is not progressing. Can someone in the group help me with this please??
Thank you .

Sorry to hear that, Laso! Did you try disconnecting and trying the download again? I recently had this problem with one of our new large modules. @jfield or @Steve, do you have any other ideas?

Hi Laso,

Sorry to hear you are having difficulty downloading modules. This process can take at least 10 hours or more depending upon your internet speed capability (standard content is nearly 500GB of data). Are you able to test your internet speeds (up/down)? Also, as a baseline for me, can you send me links to (a) the info used to upgrade your Rachel and (b) info for downloading the modules? As necessary, this will help us walk through related steps together in identifying potential issues and ultimately resolution.

Thank you,


Hi Steven,
Thank you for your response.
I am currently using a 10Mb up/down link. Its much faster than others. This is the process I used to upgrade: I used the information provided by @jfield [Add or Update Content - RACHEL-Plus 2017 Software Release] (Add or Update Content - RACHEL-Plus 2017 Software Release)
Rachel   Upgrading and

Hi Laso,
Thanks for the initial info. As an initial step, I verified the source content (via rsync) is good. Please send a screen shot of the “Hardware” and “Version” tabs (whatever fits on your screen from the top of each page is fine). Also, can you send a link of the ‘version upgrade’ which you successfully performed.

Thank you

Hi Steven,

Below are the screen shots. The upgrade link was the same one @jfield provided. I thought it was successfully upgrade but unfortunately, it was not and hence these issues.

Rachel Version Infomation requested.

Rachel   Hardware

Dashboard System Information

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Hi @laso.mana – this device is a WRTD 303N or RACHEL Plus 1.0. You’re writing in the 2.0 thread, so I’m not sure if you have been successful in the past with 2.0, and now are unsuccessful with 1.0. 1.0 instructions are here: Update Firmware on RACHEL-Plus 1.0 (WRTD-303N Model)

Hi Jeremy,

Sorry for the confusion. The last screen shot image is for a different Rachel Plus which I mistakenly write in the 2.0 thread on WRTD 303N. Disregard the third screen shot pertaining to the first issue.
I actually made a mistake by writing in the 2.0 thread on a WRTD 303N. Is there any ways we can fix that. Thanks.

Just want to check if you were able to restart the device after updating? I noticed in the screenshot you posted in the other thread that you were running the commands as the cap user. I have added sudo to the instructions - so I would recommend trying again to make sure that you have permission to overwrite all the files and to restart the webserver.

Hi Laso,

Please let me know your outcome after using sudo privileges as recommended. Permissions can be quite problematic if not set appropriately.

If this does not clear up the aforementioned issue, however, let’s look at the HDD capacity. I.E., it appears to be at 99% (tallying up the three values in the % column…). If the remainders of each of the three values are truncated, you may be out of storage space. If this is the case, you may need to deprioritize one or more old module and delete it before your module upgrades.

I used sudo command did a restart. When I went into the Rachel admin page, the modules were not there so I downloaded couple of the using ssh putty. Later I experienced some download errors. see screenshot below.ssh download error

When I I tried the other method using the admin/module method, I received this, check below
Module display

I am assuming that I ran out of space. If show, please advise how to clean old files and install the new one.

Is there are any ways, I can transfer the modules in one Rachel Plus to another rather than downloading. If so, please provide guidance. Thanks for your help

I thank you all for participating in this topic. After struggling for a week, I finally managed to sort out my own issue by learning from others. Once again, thank you and God bless.


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Hi Laso,

I appreciate your persistence in resolving the aforementioned issues and am grateful that you are back on track.

God bless you as well,


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