Rachel Pi Admin password

I need help with above subject. I bought Rachel pi and its performing well thus far. I have created a number of user accounts but I noticed there is provision to create an admin account as well. Is there a default admin user name and password?


The default admin login should be “admin” and the password should be “Rachel+1”. If that doesn’t work the password could be “rachel”.


Hi James,
Thanks for your response. It however could not work but i managed to get the login credentials from another site. Thank you. its ‘root’ for user and rachel as pass.

I have also been trying to login following the instructions of @jamesk using “admin” and “Rachel+1” as rachel login and password, but no luck. I also tried the “root” and “rachel” recommended by @LumaiM but also didn’t work for me. In one try I was able to login with the “pi” and “raspberry”, but is not working anymore after exiting. I am using a raspberry pi 3 model B+ and would appreciate any help to get this working.

Hello @Joseph_Tarawali

Are you using one of the newer images from this post?

The admin login/password on these images is admin/Rachel+1. This is for the admin interface that is linked on the main page of RACHEL at

The login.password for the system, should be “pi/rachel”. This is if you’re logging in on the command line or over SSH.

Hope this works for you. “pi/raspberry” is the default login/password for new installations of the raspberry pi operating system, but we generally change this for RACHEL.


Hi James…I’m logged into my Rachel Pi with WinSCP as pi user. I’m trying to change the Wifi name from Rachel to another name.i have open the hostapd file but it’s owned by root. how do i go about editing and saving this file. root/1234 and root/rachel do not log me in.

Hi @walash - It sounds like you need to change the shell login to use sudo su - in WinSCP.

  1. Select the site for your Pi in WinSCP
  2. Click edit
  3. Click advanced
  4. Select SCP/Shell from the left side
  5. on the right side click the “shell” dropdown menu
  6. Select sudo su -
  7. Click ok
  8. Click Save

Now when you connect you will have root privileges. Make sure to log in as pi/rachel.


Ok…thanks…Let me try this out.

Hi James,

I followed the steps and I’m now able to change the default Wi-Fi Name. Thank you very much.

I had 2 questions about this change. I can see my new Wi-Fi name (EDUHUB) when the RPI is not connected to my router by Cat5. But when i connect the ethernet, the Wi-Fi EDUHUB does not show up as an available network. Is this expected?

Secondly how do i make the EDUHUB a secured Wi-Fi network?

Hi @walash - I responded about securing wifi in another of your comments. No, unplugged or plugging in the cat5 cable should not change the availability of the wifi hotspot.