Rachel Pi Admin password

I need help with above subject. I bought Rachel pi and its performing well thus far. I have created a number of user accounts but I noticed there is provision to create an admin account as well. Is there a default admin user name and password?


The default admin login should be “admin” and the password should be “Rachel+1”. If that doesn’t work the password could be “rachel”.


Hi James,
Thanks for your response. It however could not work but i managed to get the login credentials from another site. Thank you. its ‘root’ for user and rachel as pass.

I have also been trying to login following the instructions of @jamesk using “admin” and “Rachel+1” as rachel login and password, but no luck. I also tried the “root” and “rachel” recommended by @LumaiM but also didn’t work for me. In one try I was able to login with the “pi” and “raspberry”, but is not working anymore after exiting. I am using a raspberry pi 3 model B+ and would appreciate any help to get this working.

Hello @Joseph_Tarawali

Are you using one of the newer images from this post?

The admin login/password on these images is admin/Rachel+1. This is for the admin interface that is linked on the main page of RACHEL at

The login.password for the system, should be “pi/rachel”. This is if you’re logging in on the command line or over SSH.

Hope this works for you. “pi/raspberry” is the default login/password for new installations of the raspberry pi operating system, but we generally change this for RACHEL.