STEP TWO: Creating Necessary rachel-index.php for your modules

In the root folder of your module, you must include a rachel-index.php in order for the RACHEL homepage to find your module and make it accessible to users.

Create a rachel-index.php (Windows users, beginners):

Create a rachel-index.php (linux users, beginners):

In these beginner videos, we copy a rachel-index.php file from an existing module into your new module and edit the rachel-index.php file.


Thank you for the information +video. What is the root folder password on WinSCP? pls advise



Thank you so much for this. I want to know how to host folders using file zilla. Which forlder should I send files to from root?

Jeremy, I have watched the video and understood how it is done. Now, I want to know what happens if one has an empty Rachel and would like to put create content and host it on Rachel? Because for my case there is no Rachel index file to edit that is present in the directory Media/Rachel/…

Each module would need a rachel-index.php file created and put in the new module folder. The module folder would need to be copied to the module directory on the Rachel device:

CAP2 = /media/RACHEL/rachel/modules/
CAP3 = /.data/RACHEL/rachel/modules/

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Thank you so much. I have another inquiry, What can I do to resolve if the file does not want to show on the homepage because it got hidden under the module page of modules in Rachel admin portal.

You should be able to login to the module page in the admin portal and uncheck the box, then click save at the bottom. Does that not work?

Thank you! Let me work it out. I have now got the whole concept of how the modules are installed. Is it possible for me to download the other zipped files in OER2GO, unzip them then install them in the directory?

Yes, but not all modules.

Unfortunately, is not totally ready yet. After some modules (KA-Lite, Kolibri, and any of the Wikipedia modules), you’ll have to SSH into the device and run a script that is included in the module called which you must run.

Alternatively, if you have all the modules you want unzipped on an external harddrive. You can SSH into RACHEL and rsync the modules from the external harddrive to the internal one. During this process, the script should run automatically.

Hi Jeremy, thank you for the information. I think I need a better clarification on running the script

I have copied folder of en-Ka Lite from one Rachel to my computer and then from my computer back to another empty Rachel using filezilla. All the transfer was successfully done and found that the videos were not displaying. but exercises are working fine.

I am wondering what could have caused this? or is there a way to clear this issue without erasing the contents uploaded. 31

Starting at 1:45 in this video, you can see an option to scan for videos. This will take a long time to complete, but it should accomplish the same goals as the

Thank you Jeremy, it works! that was a very cool fix. Do you recommend copying wikipedia offline? Is going to work or it needs streaming from dev.worldpossible05

I think Wikipedia will work fine after you transfer content to RACHEL and then reboot RACHEL.

Thanks Jeremy,

Another query, second time I transfer file to another Rachel, I just found that there is no video , just Ka Lite exercises. What I noticed is that in the folder of .kalite on the link .data/RACHEL/.kalite, there is no shared video files. This is totally different from the other Rachel that Ka Lite is successfully installed whereas data of videos where both in the .data/RACHEL/rachel/modules/enkalite and shared on .data/RACHEL/.kalite. Please let me know how I can share it, I did scanning but all my content in Ka Lite admin portal on the manage videos it was showing empty circle neither full moon nor half moon. For the case of the successful installation, before scanning they were full moon and after scanning they were all half moon.

Let me know if I can do something to rescue this instalment of module. kalite

Hi @jseni – sorry, I need a little more detail on the problem.

For the second unit, you loaded the en-kalite module into .data/RACHEL/rachel/modules/en-kalite, correct?

After this, you ran a video scan, but kalite did not find any new videos. Is this correct?


Yes, thats absolutely correct

I think you’ll unfortunately have to SSH into the device and run the script. I can make a video. Have you ever used SSH before? If so, what program will you use to SSH in?

Hi Jeremy, I know how to ssh into the device using git bash and through command such as ssh root@

Then, prompt for password
then, cd the directory where the Ka Lite is stored /.data/RACHEL/rachel/modules/Ka Lite

Am I getting it right?

yes, after you are in

/.data/RACHEL/rachel/modules/en-Ka Lite

to run you simply put a ./ in front of in a new line. The ./ will make the script execute.


Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for the support. From ssh into Rachel, and cd the directory for finish_install, things went well here. Unfortunately, running the script finish_install was giving me feedback 'permission denied. ’ With help of google and some other volunteers, we had to command with chmod +x and then we got permission then from there we applied run the script command ./ and then all worked well.

Thank you for your support. Now KA Lite and Kolibri works perfectly.

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